I have several small clients and when I suggest they brand their product or service they often ask, what is branding?  And it’s a good question.  What it isn’t, is it is not a logo, a business card, an advertisement or a website.

It is all of the above plus.

It’s a culture.  It’s how you answer your phone, your e-mails, your texts.  It’s how you approach a conversation at your local Chamber After Hours.  It’s how you design and create your product or service so that it is unlike any other in your category or even your town.  It is how you convince the customer that you and your product or service is the only one that can solve their need.  It is even how your stock boy or girl talks with their friends about your business.

Can you do it?  Of course.  But it takes time and patience.  It takes guts.  It takes desire.  I say again, it takes patience.

Can you afford to brand your product or service?  The better question is, can you afford not to?